December 8, 2020

Dispensing to Your Work Comp Injury Patients

work comp dispensing

Workers’ Comp Dispensing

Dispensing medications directly to an injured worker is a win for the patient (by minimizing barriers to receive care) and a win for the employer (quicker return to work) while offering an additional revenue stream for your practice. Your injured worker patient receives their medication immediately, begins their course of therapy immediately and avoids the inconvenience of traveling to a pharmacy.

Employers want their employees back on the job as soon as possible and every minute they are away from work, productivity and profits are lost. Dispensing medications directly to injured workers avoids timely travel and delays of fulfilling their prescriptions at the pharmacy thereby getting the employee back to work sooner.

In-office dispensing ensures patients are getting their medications immediately and can generate revenue for physicians and clinics pursuant to the state fee schedule.


Benefits of Workers’ Comp Medication Dispensing

  • For the Patient:
      • Barrier free access to appropriate medications – no travel or waiting in lines at pharmacies
      • Increased understanding of medication therapy and compliance
      • Convenience
      • Improved outcomes
  • For the Employer:
      • Quicker return to work
      • Increased compliance
      • Improved patient outcomes
  • For the Practice:
      • Monitor patient compliance
      • Increased practice profit
      • Increased patient understanding and satisfaction
      • Improved patient outcomes
  • For the Carrier
      • Utilization of a generic formulary and OTCs
      • Single bill for case worker
      • Improved patient outcomes


Why Dispense with MEDeRx?

MEDeRx provides a turnkey workers’ comp dispensing solution that can be offered as a standalone service or in conjunction with a Cash & Carry program.

With respect to dispensing medications in the Workers’ Compensation environment, the bottom line is billing and collecting the medication receivable. With over twenty years of experience in billing and collecting from Workers’ Compensation carriers, MEDeRX and its team sets itself apart.

Our software provides for electronic billing to a variety of contracted PBM’s. On or before the 15th of each month, MEDeRX provides your designated personnel with a comprehensive collection and profitability report. This report includes, dispensing physician, medication dispensed, amount billed, amount collected, medication cost, insurer and other useful information to adequately track your progress.

MEDeRx’s  workers’ compensation dispensing solution is the perfect complement to your existing practice by providing additional revenue and improving patient satisfaction.

If you are ready to get started or you’d like to learn more, Contact Us today!


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