How Physician Dispensing Works

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How In Office Doctor Dispensing Works

With proper licensing, an internet connection, a printer and our direct physician dispensing program, your healthcare practice could be implementing a dispensing program in a very short time.

Our web based physician dispensing software works seamlessly to provide you the ability to dispense, track, inventory, report and order pre-packaged medications. With just the click of a few buttons, you can properly dispense medications to your patients.

Start with a customized experience developing your preferred formulary and ordering your medications through our web based software. Your prepackaged medications are shipped to you in the sizings of your liking. Once the medication is received, you will log into the dispensing software and add the inventory.

You are now ready to dispense directly to your patient. Simply dispense medications with the click of a button by entering the patient information and selecting the medications you will be dispensing. Dispensing records are kept for you in the software and inventory is automatically updated making it easy to keep track of what you currently have in stock and helps manage your reorder points.

Being able to provide these items to your patients at the point of care will greatly improve patient satisfaction and increase practice revenue.

We have made every effort to ensure that our in office doctor dispensing program is easy to set up and easy to use. In most states, properly licensed healthcare providers can quickly and easily implement our physician dispensing program.

The main benefits of doctor dispensing are increased convenience and compliance for patients and increased revenue for your practice. Many doctors are adding medication dispensing to their practices as a way to heighten the patient experience by avoiding a trip to the pharmacy, improve patient compliance and allows for personalized care as doctors can ensure that patients receive the correct medication and dosage. Overall, doctor dispensing can enhance patient satisfaction and adherence to medication regimens, leading to improved health outcomes.

Quickly provide your patients with much needed medication at point-of-care by utilizing our web based doctor dispensing software.

The Dispensing Process

The average dispense can be completed in less than 30 seconds

* A full scale Drug Utilization Review is available as an optional step in the software

Benefits for the Practice

Benefits for the Patient


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