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Physician Medication Dispensing Frequently Asked Questions

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What is physician dispensing?

Physician dispensing is the process of dispensing medications directly by a physician or other authorized medical healthcare provider to their patients at the point of care. Each state regulates physician dispensing. The following five states are where dispensing is restricted: Massachusetts, Montana, New York, Texas and Utah. Generally, those allowed to dispense are licensed medical professionals.

What are the upfront costs incurred when adding MEDeRx’s physician medication dispensing program into my practice?

Whether you choose our Worker’s Compensation Managed Program or our Cash and Carry program, the upfront capital cost to begin are minimal. As long as your office is connected to the Internet you will be able to access our MEDeRx physician dispensing software. The initial costs consist of prepackaged medications, Rx labels and Surescripts fees if you desire to connect your EMR to MEDeRx’s software. The prepackaged medications are normally on 30 day terms. No cost are incurred for shipping on orders that meet the minimum requirements.

How much time does it take to dispense medication?

In less than one minute, using MEDeRx physician dispensing software, a dispense can be completed. Since your office will already have prepackaged and labeled medications which are identified as inventory in the MEDeRx software, it only takes a few steps to dispense through our software.

Do I need a special printer for the Rx label?

The Rx label is printed as the last step in the dispense process. The Rx label contains medication information that is substantially similar to any standard pharmacy. A special printer is not required. Any LaserJet, ink-jet or similar printer that you have in your office will be sufficient.

How does your MEDeRx dispensing software work?

Once you have logged into the web-based software, the process can be completed in the following steps: select the patient, select the medication to be dispensed, print the label and adhere to the bottle. For Workers Compensation dispenses, you must input the claim number, name and address of insurance company, name of employer and date of injury.

Where will I store the prepackaged medications?

For the storage of prepackaged medications, the FDA and DEA regulations stipulate the need for a locked cabinet or drawer. Controlled substances must be stored behind a double lock system. Most of our clients use a small portion of their cabinet storage space behind their reception area.

What are the benefits of physician dispensing to my patients?

Convenience, cost savings and compliance are the three main advantages physician dispensing provides. With respect to compliance, half of the 2 billion prescriptions filled each year are taken incorrectly: one-third of patients take all the medications, one-third take some, one-third don’t take any and all; dispensing at the point of care improves patient compliance by reducing the no-fill rate and decreases long-term health costs. Patients often appreciate physician medication dispensing because they can avoid a trip to the pharmacy as well as the need to wait for the prescriptions to be filled. Patients often save money by obtaining the prescriptions of the doctor’s office versus the pharmacy.

How do I determine what price to charge the patient?

For Worker’s Compensation patients, state fee schedules determine reimbursement. For Cash and Carry patients, each demographic is unique. One recommendation is to determine the cost of medications and then add a reasonable markup. Taking into consideration, most patients save time and money as a result of in-office dispensing by eliminating the separate trip to the local pharmacy. In office dispensing is a growing ancillary program for many practices and a great way to increase revenues.

Why is MEDeRx’s physician dispensing software a leader in the industry?

Our web-based software program was created to streamline the process of dispensing medications. The software is a user-friendly system that makes it possible for offices to dispense prepackaged medications quickly and efficiently. Some of the many benefits include, but are not limited to, managing, ordering, inventory, reporting, tracking and dispensing medications right from your desktop.

Have questions? We want to answer them

Dispensing medications to your patients with MEDeRx is an easy and straightforward process. Please contact us today for more information and to schedule your free demonstration.

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MEDeRx + Zoom Telehealth System + Mail Order Pharmacy Services

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MEDeRx Zoom Telehealth System + Shipping Medications Directly To Your Patients

Information on HIPAA Compliance: Zoom HIPAA Compliance Guide

Usage Scenarios:

Here is a list of common usage scenarios where providers and practices can utilize this service for their patients:

  1. Pre-scheduled appointments: Office staff schedules a “virtual” visit with the provider using standard scheduling practices. They should ensure that the patient has a cell phone number or email address entered into their patient profile. At the appointed time, the provider will login to MEDeRx and send the invitation to the patient when they are ready for them to join the conference. The provider would then start their conference line, if not already active, and wait for the patient to appear in the Waiting Room. Once the patient arrives the provider can admit them into the conference and conduct the appointment.
  2. Provider Office Hours: Providers can hold office hours at determined times and all patients who have requested a visit can be sent an invite. During the office hour time, the provider can admit patients individually into the conference to conduct appointments and then Remove/Dismiss them once appointment is completed. Patients in the waiting room do not see information for other patients and the provider can control which patient is in the conference at any given time.
  3. Mail Order e-Prescribing via MDEHRx: Providers can utilize MDEHRx program to manage both their e-prescribing and dispensing operations from a single platform, giving providers a global view of their patient’s medication treatment plan.  Integrated PDMP checking, Eligibility, and Formulary review functions provide a comprehensive view of your patients’ medication management.

Setting up your Telehealth Account

Within MEDeRx go to Home -> My Settings and select the “Request Zoom Account”. This will generate a help desk ticket to our staff who will coordinate setting up your account.

  1. Once the account is created you will receive an email requesting you to setup your MEDeRx Zoom account. MEDeRx will automatically setup your account with all the necessary settings to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  2. Click on the button in the email, or the link to start the setup process for your account. You will need to enter your Name and setup a Password that will be used to sign-in to the mobile or desktop client.
  3. If your account is setup properly you will see the confirmation screen and a link to start a test meeting. If you have never used Zoom before we suggest doing a test meeting with another person before using the service with a patient.
  4. Video tutorial of Zoom Controls:

Starting a Telehealth Conference with a Patient

Once your Zoom account is setup, you will find a “Telehealth” menu option within MEDeRx.

  1. Begin by searching for a patient to send them an invitation to join your conference.
    1. Once you locate the patient you will be conferencing with click the “Select” button to display invitation options.
  2. Send patient a notification via SMS or Email to join the Teleconference
    1. If the patient does not have a cell phone or email address in MEDeRx, you can type one in to the “Share Meeting Link” box to send the invitation manually.
  3. Start Video Conference using Zoom automatically by clicking on the “Start Video Conference” button.

Conducting Video Conference

  1. Video tutorial of Zoom Controls:
  2. If you need to download the desktop or mobile client visit this link:
    • You will need to use your email address and the password that you entered in the step above to log into the client.

The patient will receive an email or SMS that will have a link that they can click on to join the Zoom meeting. They can also use the phone numbers to call in if using the audio on a computer is not private or convenient for them.

When Guests arrive in your meeting, they will be placed in a virtual waiting room until they are admitted into the conference. This step is needed to ensure privacy and so that other patients cannot inadvertently join your current conference.

  • You can queue multiple patients in the waiting room and then let in specific patients when it is their time to be seen.

Admitting participants during a meeting

  1. As the meeting host, click Manage Participants.
  2. Click Admit to have the participant join the meeting.

Sending participants to the Waiting Room during a meeting or Removing Them

Once you are finished with a patient, you can send them back to the waiting room where they can disconnect or you can remove them from the meeting completed.

  1. As the meeting host, click Manage Participants.
  2. Click More next to the participant’s name and choose Put in Waiting Room or Remove.





MDEHRx Program Release


The MDEHRx program is primarily used for sending electronic prescriptions from the dispensing platform to outside pharmacies via the Surescripts Network. This interface with Surescripts also supports several ancillary functions such as Eligibility checking, Refill Request processing, and Insurance Plan Formulary lookup.


MEDeRx was one of the first clinical dispensing applications to become Surescripts and EPCS certified to receive e-prescriptions as a pharmacy platform. MEDeRx has now also become a Surescripts certified EMR vendor that is capable of sending e-prescriptions to third-party pharmacy systems. MEDeRx is one of the few systems nationwide that can now receive and transmit electronic prescriptions via Surescripts.

Does this affect clients who are currently receiving e-prescriptions?

This change does not affect the process by which practices receive electronic prescriptions that are transmitted from their practice EMR systems via Surescripts.  The registration process to be set up as a pharmacy on the Surescripts network to receive incoming e-prescriptions is unchanged.

How can existing customers use MDEHRx?

Existing customers can utilize MDEHRx program to manage both their e-prescribing and dispensing operations from a single platform, giving providers a global view of their patient’s medication treatment plan.  Integrated PDMP checking, Eligibility, and Formulary review functions provide a comprehensive view of your patients’ medication management.

Does a customer have to dispense medications in order to use MDEHRx?

MDEHRx can be used as a stand-alone program even if a practice is not currently doing any in-office dispensing. All of the core functions of the dispensing platform are available to MDEHRx customers, including patient management, PDMP checking, Formulary management, and reporting.

MDEHRx Setup Process

The setup process for MDEHRx includes a simple identity-proofing step to register providers on the Surescripts network and to register providers at their specific clinic locations.

Persona Trust, a SureScripts authorized vendor, will administer the identity-proofing process. You can begin the setup process by selecting “Request Surescripts Registration” under the Provider’s Profile under Admin -> Providers:
The following help article gives instructions for providers on how the identity-proofing process works and how to schedule their appointment.

Identity Proofing Process via Persona Trust

Each provider using MDEHRx will need to have a system username and password setup and associated with their provider profile.  Within the provider’s user account, the ?Is Provider? option must be checked and the Provider selected from the list that corresponds to the correct provider user account:

Customer support staff will finalize the Surescripts provider registration and setup once the final documents from the identity-proofing process are returned.

Each site that will be e-prescribing will also need the MDEHRx module enabled.


Once the MDEHRx module is enabled for a site and at least one provider associated with that site has become registered, users will see the “ePrescribe” option under the patient?s Prescriptions tab. See the following help article on how to use the MDEHRx module to create and transmit e-prescriptions.

Creating and Transmitting e-prescriptions with MDEHRx

Additional Features

In addition to transmitting e-prescriptions to third party pharmacies the MDEHRx module provides additional features.

  • Rx History: Provides patient history of medications dispensed at outside pharmacies that have been reported back to Surescripts.
  • Eligibility: Provides patient eligibility details for prescribed medications.
  • Insurance Formulary Check: verify prescribed medications are covered by Insurance carrier and see details on copayments and coverages prior to transmitting.

For additional questions, please open a help desk ticket or contact support:

Need More Training?

Dispensing medications to your patients with MEDeRx is an easy and straightforward process. Please contact us today for more information and to schedule your free demonstration.

Sales & Customer Support (208) 543-7447
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Physician Dispensing Workflow

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Physician Dispensing Process

Yes, the average dispense can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Workflow is an important topic for any healthcare clinic and organization, as such, the below article will highlight the 3 step dispensing process utilizing the MEDeRx Physician Dispensing Program.

Subsequent to seeing your patient and determining if medication is required for his/her care, a physician (or other authorized delegate) will enter basic patient demographic information into the MEDeRX software. The software will prompt specific demographic information based on your state and type of medication dispensed.

Select the bottle(s) of medication to be dispensed. The medication is contained in a safety sealed bottle and  stored in a single locked cabinet. If dispensing scheduled medication, a double locked security cabinet is recommended. Scan the medication and the MEDeRx software recognizes the medication desired to be dispensed and will properly remove the medication from inventory once dispensed.

Print the label from any standard ink or LaserJet printer. The labeling is similar to a pharmacy label, available in multiple languages, and contains all the required directions for the patient.

Dispensing medications to your patients with MEDeRx is an easy and straightforward process. Please contact us today for more information and to schedule your free demonstration.

Sales & Customer Support (208) 543-7447
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Dispensing to Your Work Comp Injury Patients

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work comp dispensing

Work Comp Dispensing

Dispensing medications directly to an injured worker is a win for the patient, win for the employer and win for the doctor’s office or clinic. Your injured worker patient receives their medication immediately, begins their course of therapy immediately and avoids the inconvenience of traveling to a pharmacy.

Employers want their employees back on the job as soon as possible and every minute they are away from work, productivity and profits are lost. Dispensing medications directly to injured workers avoids timely travel and delays of fulfilling their prescriptions at the pharmacy thereby getting the employee back to work sooner.

In-office dispensing ensures patients are getting their medications immediately and can generate revenue for physicians and clinics pursuant to the state fee schedule.

Workers’ compensation regulations and reimbursements are determined by governing bodies at the state level. Please contact MEDeRX determine if your state allows reimbursement for medications dispensed to injured workers and the rate of reimbursement.

Sales & Customer Support (208) 543-7447
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MEDeRx Employment Opportunities

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Be your own CEO with the support of MEDeRx

Join a value-driven team of people to help patients obtain their medication at their clinic/physicians office by using industry leading compliant software. You’ll find dynamic opportunities to help your business grow and develop. As an organization, we strive to be a partner in care and provide a distinctive experience to our representatives.

Why should you work with us?

Commission Payment Process – Our commission structure and payment process remains a top reason why many successful representatives do business with us.

Growing Industry – More and more clinics and doctors are turning to point of care dispensing; you can become that industry expert to serve future MEDeRx clients.

Sales Support – We offer coaching, training, communications and marketing to support your business and long term career as a sales representative.

Earning Potential – As a sales representative you have opportunities for advancement to grow your business.

Flexible Schedule – You can create your own hours to best fit your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about joining our team. We can be reached by Phone, email or by submitting the contact form. We look forward to talking with you.

Sales & Customer Support (208) 543-7447
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Physician Dispensing with MEDeRx

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The answer is YES!

It is possible to increase your practice revenue while at the same time provide a convenient service to your patients. Providers across the country rely on MEDeRx’s turn-key solution for dispensing medications directly to their patients. Whether you are new to medication dispensing, a savvy veteran or just want to learn more, let MEDeRx guide the way.

Have questions? We want to answer them

Contact us today to learn more about MEDeRx or to request a live demo of the software. We can be reached by Phone, email or by submitting the contact form. We look forward to talking with you.

Sales & Customer Support (208) 543-7447
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Is COVID-19 causing a shortage of medications for dispensing physicians/clinics?

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Physician Dispensing Program

MEDeRx’s clients have been calling in recently to determine if COVID-19 is causing or expects to cause a disruption in their medication supply chain. In response to our clients concern, MEDeRX has reached out to medication repackagers to seek an answer.

First and foremost, medication repackagers remain open for business and have not experienced a shut down or partial closure. Medications such as Z-packs and commonly ordered medications remain in ample supply.

Obviously, a major disruption of medication supply could change in the future but for now good news. If you have any questions or concerns, please call MEDeRX at 208-209-4333 or email us at

MEDeRx Provides Compliance for Colorado’s DORA Reporting

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The Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a powerful tool for prescribers and dispensers to help reduce prescription drug misuse, abuse and diversion: helping them to make more informed decisions when considering prescribing or dispensing a controlled substance to a patient.

The State of Colorado Board of Pharmacy Rules, Section 23.00.30, states that every drug outlet must ensure that all controlled substance dispensing transactions are reported to the PDMP on a daily basis by no later than the outlet’s next regular business day.

MEDeRx’s software saves you time, effort and expense by electronically submitting the required prescription data to the appropriate Colorado state agency and will do so on your behalf.

Please contact us directly with any questions about automated PDMP reporting or for answers to any questions you may have about adding medication dispensing to your practice



Reduce Schedule II Medication Ordering Errors with MEDeRx

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Controlled Substance Ordering System

Prior to the DEA’s CSOS program, each order for Schedule I-II medications required the preparation of a paper identified as Form 222. For those physicians that dispense these medications, the process of filling out Form 222 is lengthy and cumbersome.

DEA’s CSOS program allows for secure electronic controlled substances orders without the supporting paper DEA Form 222. Using a technology called PKI, CSOS requires that each individual purchaser enroll with DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate.

CSOS subscribers achieve the following benefits:
  • Ordering Freedom: CSOS transactions are the only allowance for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances, but may also be used for Schedule III-V substances. Additionally, CSOS has no line item limit for a single order.
  • Faster Transactions: CSOS certificates contain the same identification information as DEA Form 222, which allows for timely and accurate validation by the supplier. Faster transactions allow for just-in-time ordering and smaller inventories.
  • Accurate Orders: CSOS reduces the number of ordering errors.
  • Decreased Cost: Order accuracy and decreased paper work result in a lower transaction cost.

MEDeRx partners with medication repackagers that have the ability to accept CSOS orders creating efficiency for dispensing physicians.

For step-by-step instructions of CSOS enrollment and certificate retrieval please download the CSOS Subscriber Manual found here.

Please contact us directly with any questions about CSOS or for answers to any questions you may have about adding medication dispensing to your practice.


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In most states, if a physician dispenses controlled medications, they are required to report to the state certain information surrounding the dispense. This data is either provided manually or through electronic reporting. MEDeRx software utilizes the latest technology to electronically submit prescription data to the various state agencies on behalf of our clients.

MEDeRx’s software technology saves your office time and expense when submitting prescription data to state agencies. Please contact us for a free trial so we can demonstrate the complete array of capabilities found in MEDeRx software.