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Physician Medication Dispensing Frequently Asked Questions

What is physician dispensing? Physician dispensing is the process of dispensing medications directly by a physician or other authorized medical healthcare provider to their patients at the point of care. Each state regulates physician dispensing. The following five states are where dispensing is restricted: Massachusetts, Montana, New York, Texas and Utah. Generally, those allowed to…

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Telehealth Solutions for Providers + Mail Order Pharmacy Services

MEDeRx Zoom Telehealth System + Shipping Medications Directly To Your Patients Information on HIPAA Compliance: Zoom HIPAA Compliance Guide Usage Scenarios: Here is a list of common usage scenarios where providers and practices can utilize this service for their patients: Pre-scheduled appointments: Office staff schedules a “virtual” visit with the provider using standard scheduling practices. They…

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Physician Dispensing Workflow

  MEDeRx Physician Dispensing Software. Dispense medications in less than 30 seconds. Workflow is an important topic for you and all other healthcare clinics and organizations. As such, the below article will highlight the 3 step dispensing process utilizing the MEDeRx Physician Dispensing Program. Subsequent to seeing your patient and determining if medication is required…

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work comp dispensing
Dispensing to Your Work Comp Injury Patients

Workers’ Comp Dispensing Dispensing medications directly to an injured worker is a win for the patient (by minimizing barriers to receive care) and a win for the employer (quicker return to work) while offering an additional revenue stream for your practice. Your injured worker patient receives their medication immediately, begins their course of therapy immediately…

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MEDeRx Employment Opportunities

  Be your own CEO with the support of MEDeRx Join a value-driven team of people to help patients obtain their medication at their clinic/physicians office by using industry leading compliant software. You’ll find dynamic opportunities to help your business grow and develop. As an organization, we strive to be a partner in care and…

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Physician Dispensing with MEDeRx

 The answer is YES! It is possible to increase your practice revenue while at the same time provide a convenient service to your patients. Providers across the country rely on MEDeRx’s turn-key solution for dispensing medications directly to their patients. Whether you are new to medication dispensing, a savvy veteran or just want to…

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Using Physician Dispensing Software to Tackle Weight Loss  In most states, providers are qualified to prescribe and dispense weight loss medications as part of a comprehensive weight management program. These medications are typically prescribed to individuals who are struggling with obesity or overweight issues and have not achieved sufficient results through lifestyle modifications alone. Compliance,…

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Good News for Providers Dispensing Bulk Medications

Bulk Drug Dispensing for Physician Offices Are you dispensing medications in bulk and need software to manage your inventory and reporting? MEDeRx physician dispensing software integrates a robust dispensing platform with automated PDMP reporting and inventory management tools to support your growing needs. Doctors around the country are turning to MEDeRx to automate their dispensing…

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