Workers’ Compensation Dispensing

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Workers' Compensation Program

With respect to dispensing medications in the Workers’ Compensation environment, the bottom line is billing and collecting the medication receivable. With over twenty years of experience in billing and collecting from Workers’ Compensation carriers, MEDeRX and its team sets itself apart.

MEDeRX’s software provides for electronic billing to many contracted PBM’s. Subsequent to billing, our team directly communicates with your office in the event a Workers’ Comp carrier requires further documentation. On or before the 15th of each month, MEDeRX provides your designated personnel with a comprehensive collection and profitability report. This report includes, dispensing physician, medication dispensed, amount billed, amount collected, medication cost, insurer and other useful information to adequately track your progress.

There is no doubt that billing and collecting dispensed medication requires a knowledgeable and experienced team. MEDeRX strives to provide the best service when it comes to being accountable to our clients.

Many benefits are derived to your patient, your practice and employers from dispensing medications directly to your patients at your office to Workers' Compensation patients.

MEDeRX’s Workers’ Compensation billing and collection expertise for Workers’ Compensation patients is extensive. MEDeRX is in contract with many PBM’s. MEDeRX’s knowledge of relevant state fee schedules and industry knowledge provide our client’s superior service.

Benefits for the Practice

Benefits for the Patient


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