August 8, 2016

Implementing A Physician-Dispensing Program

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How long does it take to set up an in-office medication dispensing program for my office?

The Typical In-Office Installation and Staff Training Takes Less Than One Hour

We often get asked how long it takes to install and train an office/staff for medication dispensing services. The answer in most cases is “less than one hour”.  There are many variables to consider including the size of your clinic/staff and reimbursement types offered. offers the following services designed to provide a seamless transition to in-office medication dispensing.

-Full Staff Training (typically, required training time is less than 1 hour)
-Formulary Development and Support
-Workers’ Compensation EDI Support
-Online and Continuing Education/Training Available
-Regional Manager Account Support
-24 Hour Technical Support
-Dedicated Client Service Personnel
-On-Call Pharmacist

Web Based Software is a web-based software application meaning, there is no software program to download or install. As long as you have access to the internet you can instantly access the MEDeRx software application. There is also no need to bring in and pay for additional equipment, computers or printers. The MEDeRx application can be ran on the same Mac, PC or tablet that you are already running with you EMR, calendar and emails.

Multi-Repackager Capabilities

Another question we often get asked is how medications are ordered and how much time is involved with the ordering process. has over 20 medication suppliers (AKA repackagers) integrated into the software meaning, orders are placed in real time, online, just as if you were shopping on Amazon. We offer multiple repackagers to provide you with the best available pricing. The delivery time on an order is filled within 1-3 business days and overnight options are available.  MEDeRx also offer the following services to make the medication ordering processes easy and cost effective.

  • Multi-Repackager Capabilities
  • Automated Inventory Reordering
  • Product Expiration Alerts
  • Free shipping options

The MEDeRx Advantage

As with all businesses, MEDeRx has an obligation to our customers to provide the best products and services available.  Below are a just a few reasons why more doctors continue to choose MEDeRx over other leading brands:

-Ease of Use – The average dispense can be processed in less than 30 seconds
-Detailed Management, Utilization and Financial Reporting
-Refill Monitoring and Automated Patient Sequencing
-Full Scale Drug Utilization Review (Drug/Drug, Drug/Allergy, and Drug Too Soon)
-Encrypted Offsite Data Backup and Recovery
-Multi-Repackager Ordering Capability, Automated Inventory Reorder and Product Expiration Alerts
-Electronic NCPDP Claims Submission Capability
-Electronic State Scheduled Drug Reporting (PDMP)
-Site-level Customization (Including User Security Levels, Product Sigs, Reorder Quantities, and Cash-pay Collection Amounts)
-HL-7 Data Interface and Data Exchange Capability

For more information about implementing in-office medication dispensing in your office please contact the experts at TODAY for your free consultation.

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