December 7, 2018

MEDeRx Introduces NEW Safety Check Feature to fight against prescription drug abuse

Physician Dispensing Safely

Fighting Against Prescription Drug Abuse

As part of the country’s largest clinical dispensing solution we feel we have an opportunity to provide solutions to providers who desire to be a part of the solution to prevent overdose and patients who abuse the system.

Today MEDeRx is launching an Enhanced Safety Check tool that integrates with our platform to provide another tool in the fight against addiction. This tool fills a gap in real-time verification that traditional PDMP systems don’t support. At the point of dispensing providers can perform a real-time check to see if the patient has recently been seen at any other clinic or pharmacy within the system. This serves as verification that the patient is disclosing all of the prescriptions they may be receiving.

Currently the check is only performed across the clinics who report controlled dispenses through, which includes all customers on the MDScripts platform or our branded partner platforms. We are currently working on integrations with additional retail pharmacies and other technology platforms to broaden the scope.

The Enhanced Safety Check system relies on providers making the choice to check and verify each of their patients who are receiving controlled medication dispenses or prescriptions. If every provider can perform the 2 second safety check function the system will be able to provide an additional safety net to stop potential overdoses. This Safety Check function can be performed during the dispense process, or from the Patients menu.

What a Safety Check Does?

A safety check takes three numbers from the patient and searches the database for other providers or entities that have performed the same safety check. Those 3 numbers are the patient’s date of birth, zip code, and just the house number of the patient’s address. (i.e., for address 123 Main St, you would only enter 123) If matching records are found, the system displays which provider or entity did the safety check along with those records. Using the results, the provider can decide whether to prescribe or dispense to the patient.

HIPAA Requirements

Even though the Safety Check process does not require a patient’s name or SSN the system does rely on transmitting PHI and sharing information across the system. Please have patients sign the Patient Consent form as part of your registration process if you do not already have an applicable consent form. The form can be scanned with a copy of the patient’s driver’s license or ID card placed in the upper corner, or just signed if you already have a copy on file.

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