Reduce Schedule II Medication Ordering Errors with MEDeRx

Controlled Substance Ordering System

Prior to the DEA’s CSOS program, each order for Schedule I-II medications required the preparation of a paper identified as Form 222. For those physicians that dispense these medications, the process of filling out Form 222 is lengthy and cumbersome.

DEA’s CSOS program allows for secure electronic controlled substances orders without the supporting paper DEA Form 222. Using a technology called PKI, CSOS requires that each individual purchaser enroll with DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate.

CSOS subscribers achieve the following benefits:
  • Ordering Freedom: CSOS transactions are the only allowance for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances, but may also be used for Schedule III-V substances. Additionally, CSOS has no line item limit for a single order.
  • Faster Transactions: CSOS certificates contain the same identification information as DEA Form 222, which allows for timely and accurate validation by the supplier. Faster transactions allow for just-in-time ordering and smaller inventories.
  • Accurate Orders: CSOS reduces the number of ordering errors.
  • Decreased Cost: Order accuracy and decreased paper work result in a lower transaction cost.

MEDeRx partners with medication repackagers that have the ability to accept CSOS orders creating efficiency for dispensing physicians.

For step-by-step instructions of CSOS enrollment and certificate retrieval please download the CSOS Subscriber Manual found here.

Please contact us directly with any questions about CSOS or for answers to any questions you may have about adding medication dispensing to your practice.