Physician Dispensing Workflow

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Physician Dispensing Process

Yes, the average dispense can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Workflow is an important topic for any healthcare clinic and organization, as such, the below article will highlight the 3 step dispensing process utilizing the MEDeRx Physician Dispensing Program.

Subsequent to seeing your patient and determining if medication is required for his/her care, a physician (or other authorized delegate) will enter basic patient demographic information into the MEDeRX software. The software will prompt specific demographic information based on your state and type of medication dispensed.

Select the bottle(s) of medication to be dispensed. The medication is contained in a safety sealed bottle and  stored in a single locked cabinet. If dispensing scheduled medication, a double locked security cabinet is recommended. Scan the medication and the MEDeRx software recognizes the medication desired to be dispensed and will properly remove the medication from inventory once dispensed.

Print the label from any standard ink or LaserJet printer. The labeling is similar to a pharmacy label, available in multiple languages, and contains all the required directions for the patient.

Dispensing medications to your patients with MEDeRx is an easy and straightforward process. Please contact us today for more information and to schedule your free demonstration.

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Dispensing to Your Work Comp Injury Patients

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work comp dispensing

Work Comp Dispensing

Dispensing medications directly to an injured worker is a win for the patient, win for the employer and win for the doctor’s office or clinic. Your injured worker patient receives their medication immediately, begins their course of therapy immediately and avoids the inconvenience of traveling to a pharmacy.

Employers want their employees back on the job as soon as possible and every minute they are away from work, productivity and profits are lost. Dispensing medications directly to injured workers avoids timely travel and delays of fulfilling their prescriptions at the pharmacy thereby getting the employee back to work sooner.

In-office dispensing ensures patients are getting their medications immediately and can generate revenue for physicians and clinics pursuant to the state fee schedule.

Workers’ compensation regulations and reimbursements are determined by governing bodies at the state level. Please contact MEDeRX determine if your state allows reimbursement for medications dispensed to injured workers and the rate of reimbursement.

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MEDeRx Employment Opportunities

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Be your own CEO with the support of MEDeRx

Join a value-driven team of people to help patients obtain their medication at their clinic/physicians office by using industry leading compliant software. You’ll find dynamic opportunities to help your business grow and develop. As an organization, we strive to be a partner in care and provide a distinctive experience to our representatives.

Why should you work with us?

Commission Payment Process – Our commission structure and payment process remains a top reason why many successful representatives do business with us.

Growing Industry – More and more clinics and doctors are turning to point of care dispensing; you can become that industry expert to serve future MEDeRx clients.

Sales Support – We offer coaching, training, communications and marketing to support your business and long term career as a sales representative.

Earning Potential – As a sales representative you have opportunities for advancement to grow your business.

Flexible Schedule – You can create your own hours to best fit your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about joining our team. We can be reached by Phone, email or by submitting the contact form. We look forward to talking with you.

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Physician Dispensing with MEDeRx

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The answer is YES!

It is possible to increase your practice revenue while at the same time provide a convenient service to your patients. Providers across the country rely on MEDeRx’s turn-key solution for dispensing medications directly to their patients. Whether you are new to medication dispensing, a savvy veteran or just want to learn more, let MEDeRx guide the way.

Have questions? We want to answer them

Contact us today to learn more about MEDeRx or to request a live demo of the software. We can be reached by Phone, email or by submitting the contact form. We look forward to talking with you.

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Is COVID-19 causing a shortage of medications for dispensing physicians/clinics?

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Physician Dispensing Program

MEDeRx’s clients have been calling in recently to determine if COVID-19 is causing or expects to cause a disruption in their medication supply chain. In response to our clients concern, MEDeRX has reached out to medication repackagers to seek an answer.

First and foremost, medication repackagers remain open for business and have not experienced a shut down or partial closure. Medications such as Z-packs and commonly ordered medications remain in ample supply.

Obviously, a major disruption of medication supply could change in the future but for now good news. If you have any questions or concerns, please call MEDeRX at 208-209-4333 or email us at

MEDeRx Provides Compliance for Colorado’s DORA Reporting

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The Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a powerful tool for prescribers and dispensers to help reduce prescription drug misuse, abuse and diversion: helping them to make more informed decisions when considering prescribing or dispensing a controlled substance to a patient.

The State of Colorado Board of Pharmacy Rules, Section 23.00.30, states that every drug outlet must ensure that all controlled substance dispensing transactions are reported to the PDMP on a daily basis by no later than the outlet’s next regular business day.

MEDeRx’s software saves you time, effort and expense by electronically submitting the required prescription data to the appropriate Colorado state agency and will do so on your behalf.

Please contact us directly with any questions about automated PDMP reporting or for answers to any questions you may have about adding medication dispensing to your practice



Reduce Schedule II Medication Ordering Errors with MEDeRx

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Controlled Substance Ordering System

Prior to the DEA’s CSOS program, each order for Schedule I-II medications required the preparation of a paper identified as Form 222. For those physicians that dispense these medications, the process of filling out Form 222 is lengthy and cumbersome.

DEA’s CSOS program allows for secure electronic controlled substances orders without the supporting paper DEA Form 222. Using a technology called PKI, CSOS requires that each individual purchaser enroll with DEA to acquire a CSOS digital certificate.

CSOS subscribers achieve the following benefits:
  • Ordering Freedom: CSOS transactions are the only allowance for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances, but may also be used for Schedule III-V substances. Additionally, CSOS has no line item limit for a single order.
  • Faster Transactions: CSOS certificates contain the same identification information as DEA Form 222, which allows for timely and accurate validation by the supplier. Faster transactions allow for just-in-time ordering and smaller inventories.
  • Accurate Orders: CSOS reduces the number of ordering errors.
  • Decreased Cost: Order accuracy and decreased paper work result in a lower transaction cost.

MEDeRx partners with medication repackagers that have the ability to accept CSOS orders creating efficiency for dispensing physicians.

For step-by-step instructions of CSOS enrollment and certificate retrieval please download the CSOS Subscriber Manual found here.

Please contact us directly with any questions about CSOS or for answers to any questions you may have about adding medication dispensing to your practice.


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In most states, if a physician dispenses controlled medications, they are required to report to the state certain information surrounding the dispense. This data is either provided manually or through electronic reporting. MEDeRx software utilizes the latest technology to electronically submit prescription data to the various state agencies on behalf of our clients.

MEDeRx’s software technology saves your office time and expense when submitting prescription data to state agencies. Please contact us for a free trial so we can demonstrate the complete array of capabilities found in MEDeRx software.

MEDeRx Introduces NEW Safety Check Feature to fight against prescription drug abuse and overdose

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According to a recent Forbes article, “Prescription drug monitoring systems (PDMP’s) were supposed to be a straightforward way to monitor and control overuse, but they aren’t making quite the impact we’d hoped for. Integrating all the appropriate data and keeping it up-to-date is proving difficult.”

As part of the country’s largest clinical dispensing solution we feel we have an opportunity to provide solutions to providers who desire to be a part of the solution to prevent overdose and patients who abuse the system.

Today we are launching an Enhanced Safety Check tool that integrates with our platform to provide another tool in the fight against addiction. This tool fills a gap in real-time verification that traditional PDMP systems don’t support. At the point of dispensing providers can perform a real-time check to see if the patient has recently been seen at any other clinic or pharmacy within the system. This serves as verification that the patient is disclosing all of the prescriptions they may be receiving.

Currently the check is only performed across the clinics who report controlled dispenses through, which includes all customers on the MDScripts platform or our branded partner platforms. We are currently working on integrations with additional retail pharmacies and other technology platforms to broaden the scope.

The Enhanced Safety Check system relies on providers making the choice to check and verify each of their patients who are receiving controlled medication dispenses or prescriptions. If every provider can perform the 2 second safety check function the system will be able to provide an additional safety net to stop potential overdoses. This Safety Check function can be performed during the dispense process, or from the Patients menu.

What a Safety Check Does?

A safety check takes three numbers from the patient and searches the database for other providers or entities that have performed the same safety check. Those 3 numbers are the patient’s date of birth, zip code, and just the house number of the patient’s address. (i.e., for address 123 Main St, you would only enter 123) If matching records are found, the system displays which provider or entity did the safety check along with those records. Using the results, the provider can decide whether to prescribe or dispense to the patient.

HIPAA Requirements

Even though the Safety Check process does not require a patient’s name or SSN the system does rely on transmitting PHI and sharing information across the system. Please have patients sign the Patient Consent form as part of your registration process if you do not already have an applicable consent form. The form can be scanned with a copy of the patient’s driver’s license or ID card placed in the upper corner, or just signed if you already have a copy on file.

Contact Us

For more information about our turn-key Physician Dispensing Program, Contact Us today for your free consultation.


Dispensing Bulk Medications? Good News…

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Bulk Medication Dispensing
Are you dispensing medications in bulk and need software to manage your inventory and reporting? MEDeRx physician dispensing software integrates a robust dispensing platform with automated PDMP reporting and inventory management tools to support your growing needs. Doctors around the country are turning to MEDeRx to automate their dispensing programs and take advantage of the latest technologies to enter the world of in-office medication dispensing.

Bulk Inventory
Does your clinic or practice utilize bulk suppliers to cut down on inventory costs? MEDeRx dispensing software supports both prepacked and bulk inventory dispensing. Dispensing Bulk Medications follows the same basic work flow as dispensing standard (prepackaged) medications. You can even dispense bulk medications in the same order as standard medications. To learn more about Bulk Medication dispensing contact us today to speak with our member service team or schedule a live software demo.

Bulk Suppliers
If it is flexibility you are looking for, look no further. MEDeRx offers integrated medication suppliers for your convenience. Integrated suppliers are those suppliers that MEDeRX currently have a relationship with and work harmoniously with our software for online ordering and inventory needs. But don’t worry, if you are already satisfied with your current medication supplier, MEDeRx software solution works seamlessly with your current inventory supply chain. Urgent Cares, Weight Loss Clinics, Pain, Vitality, Podiatry, Universities and more lean on MEDeRx to meet their specific needs. Every clinic is unique and MEDeRx will ensure you have ALL the tools needed to optimize your dispensing program.

PDMP Reporting
As doctors across the country already know, MEDeRx software automatically reports to states that require PDMP saving you time and worry. Compliance is the name of the game and MEDeRx will ensure you are staying compliant with all of your PDMP reporting needs. If you have questions about PDMP reporting or just want to verify the knowledge you already possess is accurate, please contact us today and learn more.

Contact Us
Whether you are new to medication dispensing, a savvy veteran or just want to learn more, let MEDeRx guide the way. We would love to hear from you and provide you with industry leading knowledge. For more information on MEDeRx or to get any of your questions answered, please reach out directly at

Have questions? We want to answer them

Contact us today to learn more about MEDeRx or to request a live demo of the software. We can be reached by Phone, email or by submitting the contact form. We look forward to talking with you.

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