Continue to create opportunities for physicians, urgent care clinics, Worker’s Compensation clinics, as well as other medical practices, to confidently dispense medications from their office or clinic. Provide unparalleled service to our clients and state of the art web based software to make medication dispensing simple and compliant.

Excellence in customer service and support is our main goal. Our commitment to you and your staff will create long term success for your dispensing program. Our availability to our clients, knowledge of the industry, compliance resolution and work flow knowledge provides our clients with the utmost confidence in their dispensing program.


MEDeRx’s management team is composed of healthcare legal professionals, software technical specialist and customer service orientated members. Our combined experience exceeds 30 years. MEDeRx is NOT a medication repackager which provides an advantage to our clients to have the flexibility to choose from over 20 medication repackagers around the country that integrate with our software. Thus enabling our clients to obtain superior pricing and service compared to a lone medication repackgager.

MEDeRx’s reputation for superior service and industry knowledge is shared by our healthcare providers across the country.

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"MEDeRx is extremely well designed and implemented which makes the process as efficient and dependable as possible. Any potential clients to service workers compensation patients would only need to ask the employer there opinion. Immediate treatment minimizes unnecessary delays in recovery. It also allows the patient to return to work immediately after leaving the clinic rather than waiting several hours at the pharmacy. Patient’s satisfaction also increases in addition to saving the employer both time and money"

− Shoemaker, Howard MD

"MEDeRx completely manages the program for us. It is extremely seamless and the service they provide is exceptional. We never have to worry about inventory control, running out of product or supplies, and it helps us manage our patients medication usage. Overall, an exceptional program that has helped achieve our primary purpose, serve our patients."

− Tom Mears, St. Lukes Health System

"We have had a great experience with MedeRx. Their software has made the facilitation of purchasing and dispensing retail medications easy. It integrates seamlessly with our EMR and is quick to use."

− Debbie Hayes, Practice Administrator, Onpoint Urgent Care

"I would recommend MEDeRx to any primary care office or urgent care office. If you have a large work comp pracitce, the potential benefit to your practice is huge!"

− Dr. Kyle Platz